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Shrama Vasana Fund

Srama Wasana Fund Board, a body provide for the grant of funds for welfare of employees and for matters connected therewith  and incidental thereto, established under Srama Wasana Fund Board Act No…… of 1998. The Srama Wasana Fund Board implements divers programs for the welfare of all Sri Lankan employees under the following 06 objectives. The “Jathika Sampatha” lottery, maintained in conjunction with the National Lottery Board provides required funds for this purpose.

Objectives of the Funds,

(a). Promotion of welfare of employees.

  • Implementation of empowerment programmes for women employees.
  • Conduct of encouragement programmes for the children of employees families.
  • Conduct of awareness programmes on industrial safety for employees.
  • Conduct of workshops on self-employments and providing assistance and implements for the amelioration of living standard of employees.
  • Conduct of programmes for the admiration and development of skills of the employees.

(b). Provision of financial and other  assistance to the employees in case of closure of their working places without giving prior notice.

(c). Provision of medical and other facilities in case of emergency.

  • Conduct of health promotion programmes for the employees and their dependants by way of conducting medical clinics and providing drugs, spectacles, wheel-chairs and clutches etc.
  • Provision of medical and other aid in case of emergency.
  • Conduct of programmes for the establishment of healthy labour force through the improvement  of health condition of the employees by implementing awareness workshops on health.

(d). Provision of temporary assistance to the employees against whom inquiries are being initiated.

  • Provision of financial assistance amounting to a sum of Rs. 10,000 in respect of disputes taken up in a labour tribunal, Industrial Court, commissioner for workmen’s compensation or service termination division in the Labour Department.
  • Coordinating Lawyers / Legal consultants registered with the Srama Wasana funds when assistance of such personnel is required.

(e). Provision of financial and other assistance to the employees and their dependants in case of disasters.

  • Provision  of financial assistance, scholarships and school equipment to the families and children of employees who are affected by natural disaster such as Tsunami, floods, droughts and cyclones.
  • Grant of scholarships and school equipment to the children of employees who died or became casualty while in the duty.

(f). Award of gifts to the persons who have rendered an excellent Service towards the welfare of the employees.

Contact No. 011-2368215 for further information regarding these services

Contact Information,

D.R. Jayalath
General Manager,
Ministry of Labour and Labour Affairs
6th floor, Narahenpita, Colombo 05.
Tel: + 94 011-2368215
Fax: + 94 011-2368979

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